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I am some cruel combination of Tantalus and Sisyphus.

I’ve put probably 100+ hours into Hades. I don’t even like it very much. I’ve bounced off the gameplay several times, thinking to myself “this is okay” only to come back to it and not enjoy it again. Its repetitive and uninteresting to me. The boons are just stats, not changing the gameplay very much. Its the same bosses, same patterns, same minibosses. Enemies are boring to fight, rooms take too long. I have a million complaints about this game. But holy shit the story. The art. The little encounters between characters. Its compelling and addictive. Its a masterpiece in design. I to keep playing even though its boring. I wanna reunite characters, make friends, figure out backstories. Hades design is excellent. I hate its gameplay. I am stuck playing it. I do not ever think I will ever get to the end.